Veterans Specialist

The service that the brave men and women of our country provided is near and dear to the hearts of our staff at Funeral Alternatives of Washington. If your loved one was devoted to their values and their country, we’re dedicated to helping you honor them in the way they deserve.

The Veterans Service Specialists

We arrange meaningful and respectful military services and are proud to help you through the smallest of details and toughest decisions. Having a plan in place helps ease the stress of your family members. We can help you plan your veterans funeral arrangements in full.

Respectful Services

We are proud to provide meaningful services for veterans, with a variety of amenities and functions to help you through difficult moments. Specializing in funeral and tribute care for a veteran and their family is how we share our gratitude for all they’ve done for the place we all call home.

The veterans specialists at Funeral Alternatives of Washington can help design a patriotic tribute to your loved one, including:

  • The completion of applications for veteran’s benefits including the Presidential Memorial Certificate, Military Honors, and a veteran headstone or memorial marker
  • Coordinate and confirm the existing paid pre-plan funding benefits, which can help cover any expenses that may be deemed ineligible by the Veterans Administration
  • Coordinate service with the national or state veterans’ cemeteries
  • Coordinate the necessary documentation by the family to request honors for the veteran

What Our Veterans Specialists Offer

  • Our veterans specialists offer you:
  • Professional services from our Funeral Director, and accompanying staff members
  • Cremation services
  • The transfer and professional care of your beloved veteran
  • The use of our mortuary facilities and specialists for a gathering or visitation
  • The use of our automotive equipment
  • A memorial, tribute, or funeral ceremony
  • Use of our online and interactive memorial website
  • Customizable additional options which include a meaningful tribute video and specialized engraving

As dedicated veterans service specialists, Funeral Alternatives of Washington provides veterans with the honorable and respectful goodbye service they deserve. From assistance with the necessary documentation to helping design a memorial service that represents your loved one, our staff members are always here for you.

Veteran Cemeteries

Our closest National Cemeteries are Tahoma in Kent, Washington and Willamette in Portland, Oregon. We serve both and can ship to any National Cemetery. All cemetery costs are covered. We will arrange for all veteran’s services at the cemetery including honor guard activities.

Note: A veteran’s spouse may also be buried in the National Cemetery at no cost. An additional spouse after the death of a first spouse has the same privilege.

National Cemetery Options: There are two types of disposition in the cemetery. The first is burial or interment of casketed remains. If this is chosen, the gravesite provided will be double depth. The items provided at no cost include the grave space, the concrete grave liner, the opening and closing of the grave and grave marker for both veteran and spouse. See Tahoma Burial Sites.

The second type of disposition is placement of cremated remains. This is called inurnment. There are two choices, burial in the ground, or above ground placement in a niche wall. The niches are grouped together in a wall called a columbarium. Niches can fit two standard sized urns with no problem. Click the following links to see the choices mentioned: Ground burial option or Niche option.

Veterans that do not use the National Cemetery option can be entitled to certain cash allowances as well as a memorial marker/monument. It does not include the setting costs associated with installing the market/monument.

Here’s one benefit not widely known. If you elect to scatter cremated remains, you may place a permanent memorial marker at the National Cemetery. A notarized Scattering Letter is required before the National Cemetery will place the marker. We have the letter available in our office.

Helpful Links

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To get answers to any questions about arrangements for a veteran, or for your eligibility for a patriotic veteran service, please contact us today at (360) 523-2489​.