Designing a Life Celebration

Your loved one deserves a life celebration that is as unique as they were. Tell the story of their life with the help of the team at Funeral Alternatives of Washington. We work closely with you to determine how you wish to celebrate, remember, and honor the life of your loved one. This means deciding what sort of life celebration they would like, where they want to be laid to rest, permanent memorialization options and other important decisions.

Finding Comfort with Loved Ones

Life celebrations are a chance for loved ones to come together and remember their friend or family member. These gatherings are always unique and completely different depending on the person who is being remembered and the choices of the family.

A life celebration is a meaningful way of gathering to honor and heal together. The memorial service can be traditional or contemporary, customizable to the unique wishes of your loved one. A life celebration can be held anywhere, and in any way that feels right. We’ll help you choose the appropriate day of the week, the type of music to be played, where the service will be held, and if you would like any special songs or prayers performed.

We also help make the day even more memorable with the releasing of balloons, butterflies, or doves at the end, if you choose. With other services such as the creation of a memorial website, a personalized tribute video, and special keepsakes for friends and family members, we’re always here to help you create a meaningful memorial service.

In-Casket Burial or Cremation?

Whether your loved one preferred a traditional in-casket burial or cremation, it’s important to honor their wishes. If their preferences were not previously stated in a will or existing funeral arrangements, choosing between a traditional, in-casket burial or cremation may be a difficult decision.

If you require assistance through this process, please get in touch with one of our Funeral Alternatives of Washington Funeral Directors today. We can discuss the pros and cons of both options, helping you find the perfect way to honor your loved one.

For in-casket burials, we’ll help you select the casket, vault, and location of where the casket will be laid to rest. If you choose a cremation, we’ll help you decide where the cremated remains will be placed or scattered. This could be in a mausoleum, cemetery, or even laid to rest in a home memorial garden if allowed by local regulations.

No matter if your loved one left funeral arrangements or not, the Funeral Alternatives of Washington professionals are here to help you design a memorial service that not only shares the life of your loved one, but that tells a memorable story that will be remembered forevermore.

For more information, please reach out at (360) 523-2489​.


Flowers are a quintessential addition to any life celebration, and can add a sense of peace and tranquility to any setting. They are traditionally known as a way to represent new life, growth, and moving on. With the addition of natural beauty to your loved one’s memorial service, you can ensure the environment feels comfortable and warm.

Floral Arrangements Made with Care

Designing a funeral or memorial service for your loved one can be an overwhelming process, which is why we’re here to help you every step of the way. Funeral Alternatives of Washington offers assistance with floral arrangements to those who choose our home to hold their funeral.

We work hard to ensure that the floral arrangements are perfectly placed, adding a beautiful ambiance to your loved one’s life celebration. Working with us every step of the way helps you save both money, and precious time that should be spent with loved ones after a passing of someone close.

Funeral flowers are not a mandatory gesture, but are traditionally placed to express love and gratitude for the time spent with someone who has passed away. There are many traditional arrangements to choose from, such as wreaths, sprays, casket sprays, and other arrangements, but we are more than happy to arrange your flowers in a unique way that represents your loved one.

Funeral Alternatives of Washington​ works with the Tribute Store, providing friends and family with a convenient and comforting online destination to purchase flower arrangements and gift baskets. If you need any information on our floral services, we’re always available to offer you a helping hand in any way you need.